­čĺ░Negotiate your way through bills

Mar 03, 2024

As the days grow warmer, we can't wait to dive into another season of great financial decisions and even better money wins. What are your goals for this month? Hit reply to this email and let us know!

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Negotiate Better Rates 

Ready to level up your financial game? It's negotiation time, and we're diving into the details of insurance, credit cards, and loans. First up, insurance premiums. Firstly, shop around for quotes. Use those quotes as leverage to get your current provider to lower your rates or throw in some extra perks. Loyalty should be a two-way street, not a toll booth.

Next on the list – credit cards. Call up your credit card company armed with knowledge. Know your credit score and research better card offers. Use that info to ask for a lower interest rate or additional benefits. If they value your business, they'll likely play ball. Remember, it never hurts to ask. If you want to fix or boost your credit score, the easiest way is through a credit repair software like milansingh.co/smartcredit

Finally, let's tackle loans. Whether it's a personal loan or a mortgage, don't settle for the first offer. Shop around, get multiple quotes, and use them to your advantage in negotiations. Lenders want your business, so make them work for it. A lower interest rate or better terms can save you big bucks in the long run. Negotiation is a super power and now you know how to tackle it!


Financial Planning for Life Events 

We don’t talk about financing life events enough. Whether it is marriage, having a child, or retirement, life events may be unpredictable, but your money doesn’t have to be. Big life changes call for sharp financial maneuvers. First up – marriage. Talk money goals, create a budget together, and keep those communication lines wide open. It's not just a partnership in love; it's a financial alliance.

Next on deck – having a child. Time to adjust the sails. Factor in new expenses, revisit your insurance coverage, and start a college fund early. This isn't just about diapers and baby wipes; it's about setting up your little one for a financially secure future. Keep that ship steady with a well-thought-out plan.

And for the grand finale – retirement. Start early, maximize your retirement accounts, and diversify your investments. Whether you're dreaming of a beachside retirement or pursuing passion projects, a solid financial plan is your compass. Plot your course wisely!

If you’re anticipating a big life event and are looking for ways to earn, spend, and invest better, gain access to your very own custom money plan. Get started by taking out quiz today at milansingh.co/quiz