💰 Could you earn $4,500 for a $2 bill?

Nov 19, 2023

While the big boys fight over sunken treasures at sea, you could be diving for hidden treasures worth thousands of dollars in old jeans pockets. We’re also sending you tips on how to save your data, how to start investing, and how badly whiskey drinkers should start panicking by next year.

All this and more as we supercharge your money one step at a time!

- Milan


  • S&P 500 4,514.02 (0.13%)
  • NASDAQ 34,947.28 (0.0052%)
  • Dow Jones 14,125.48 (0.084%)

*Stock data as of closing on November 17th.


Reactivate Your Old Gmail and Photos Accounts

Did you know that Gmail currently hosts 1.8B+ accounts? Of these, many haven’t been used in more than 2 years and are now more prone to getting hacked and being used for scams. Because of this, Google will begin deleting all inactive accounts, starting December 1st. 

If you have an old Gmail account or Google Photos account that has data you may still need and you haven’t interacted with it in any way, now’s the time to log back in before your data is lost forever. Actions like signing in, reading or sending emails, using Google Drive, or sharing photos can keep Google from deleting your accounts. You don’t have very much time left before accounts start disappearing, so double-check your data today!


‘Money Dysmorphia’

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition when someone obsessively worries about or dislikes their looks, even if others don't see the same flaws. This makes people compare themselves with others more frequently, hindering their personal development.

Similar to this, experts have found that ‘Money Dysmorphia’ can make people obsessively compare their financial journeys to others, which takes a huge toll on their overall financial wellbeing. A great example of this is how people think they don’t have enough money to start investing or building their real estate portfolio. No matter the balance in your bank account, always remember that you can control your money instead of letting your money control you. 

Remove yourself from this dysmorphic mindset and learn how to manage your money. Your first step is tracking and budgeting your expenses which you can do through my free budget planner here: milansingh.co/budget-planner


Diving For Treasure 🚢

There’s a race to recover 200 tons of gold, silver, and gems that sunk just off the Colombian port of Cartagena. Will Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, or a U.S. research company - who have all laid claim to the treasures - get to it first?

The year is 1708. Things have gone amiss on the San Jose, a Spanish galleon that has encountered a British squadron during the War of the Spanish Succession. Their powder magazines detonate, and the ship sinks to the bottom of the Caribbean. Some 300+ years later, it’s slowly dawning on people that the treasures onboard the San Jose are now worth $20 billion. 

The Colombian government is now driving efforts to recover the ship, but everyone wants their fair share:

  • San Jose was a part of Spain’s Navy so the Spanish government is now vying for the treasure
  • Bolivia’s indigenous group, Qhara Qhara, claim their people were forced to mine for the treasure so it rightfully belongs to them
  • An American research company called Glocca Morra claims that they were the first to find the ship and turn over its coordinates to the Colombian government, though Colombia refutes the claim and says the ship was found in a completely different location

Who do you think the treasure belongs to? And who do you think will get to it first? Hit reply to this email and let us know!

More Treasure In Your Piggy Bank 🐷

A sunken treasure ship may not be an easy prize to get in on but luckily for us, there may be little treasures hidden away in our own homes that can make us some money. Old $2 bills are now selling for thousands of dollars if they meet the right criteria.

Depending on the year, method, and location of printing, your $2 bill can be auctioned off for anywhere up to $4,500. The US Currency Auctions has listed prices of collectible $2 notes so everyone has a chance of winning some extra money this holiday season. 

While the $2 bill may be uncommon, it’s not that rare. In 2017, there were 1.2 billion $2 bills in circulation all across the U.S.A. So check under your couches and dig into your piggy banks, this may be your chance to score a couple of thousands. And if you do make some, don’t forget to make it make you more money. To learn how, download our Top 15 Hacks, and don’t worry, it’s free: milansingh.co/hacks

Trade Wars Make For Costly Boozin’ 🥃

A 750ml bottle of Jack Daniels exported from the U.S. can soon cost $50. The European Union’s latest move calling for a 50% tariff on all imported American whiskeys is driving prices up and demand down, and this is not good news for America.

The tariff is supposed to come into effect from January 1st, 2024, and has a bit of a complicated history. Back in 2018, America and the EU faced disputes on their steel and aluminum trade, causing the EU to retaliate with a 25% tariff on American whiskeys. In 2021, this tariff was suspended for two years, until January 1st, 2024. Today, with no moves to resolve the trade wars between the two nations, the EU is set to double its tariff to 50% starting next year. 

Whiskey accounts for 62% of all American spirits exports, meaning that these tariffs are going to affect a number of distilleries across the U.S. So if you’re from America, brace yourselves, and if you’re on the other side of the world, stock up on a few of your favorite bottles of whiskey before the year ends!

Like The Weather, Inflation Is Slowly Cooling 🍂

October finally reported the lowest annual growth rate for inflation since March 2021 in the U.S. so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Though the prices of many everyday products are still a strain on your wallet, one essential good is finally coming down in price: gas.

Throughout October, auto gas prices fell almost 8% as Autumn slowed down travel. Prices have plummeted even more so than usual Fall slowdowns and have continued to drop through the first half of November as well.  Now, the average price of gas is below $3 in 11 states, so if you were planning on traveling for Thanksgiving, you’re in luck!

That’s not all, in October, hotel room prices fell by nearly 3%, airfare dropped thanks again to falling jet fuel prices, and even new and used car prices came down. If this momentum continues, we’re looking at a bit more hope entering 2024.


"You Need a Lot of Money to Start Investing"

Starting to invest doesn't require a lot of money. Various options cater to different budgets, such as low-cost investment funds and robo-advisors with low minimum requirements. Fractional shares also make it possible to invest in a portion of a stock or fund, allowing for affordability and diversification even with limited funds.

Consistency is crucial in building wealth through investing. Starting with a small amount and consistently contributing over time can be effective. Educational resources and user-friendly financial apps make it easier for beginners to learn about investing and take the initial steps toward financial growth. 

To learn how to start investing, check out my Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market here


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